A Few Thoughts on Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are water heaters that rely on high efficiency gases to help heat the boilers. This makes them heat quickly and use less electricity while heating your water.

This boiler needs less time to heat up which makes them well known as hot water on demand boilers. Many people like to use these kinds of boilers because they heat your water so much faster while serving your environment in a friendly way. Basically you can say that a condensing boiler is a hot water heating system designed to re use energy which is usually discharged through the chimney flue as waste.

The efficiency change for a condensing boiler is at least 15 percent more than a regular boiler. That is a lot of energy saved if you think about it. This boiler is designed first to allow the heat to rise upwards going through the first heat exchanger, and when it gets to the top it then passes through a secondary heat exchanger. The temperature then reduces drastically which causes a chain reaction. The water vapor then condenses and cause drops of water to fall on the hot manifold. The rest of the gases expel in to the air.

Condensing boilers are used in most homes and businesses.

What Are Condensing BoilersThey are the number one choice in hot water and heat suppliers because of their high efficiency. They should be maintained annually by a professional in order to make them last as long as possible. The yearly maintenance can assure you that the device is not only working but is working efficiently and safely. Yearly maintenance allows for you to find a problem when it is small and fix it before it becomes an expensive condition. This is especially true for gas burning boilers. They can be very dangerous if not maintained properly because the gas burners can create carbon monoxide to leak into the dwelling.

Condensing boilers are usually compact and can fit under most cabinets. That is one of their biggest selling points. They are compact and efficient. This makes them very popular because the older systems had tanks that had to be put in the attic or in the basement. They were large devices that required a lot more room than the newer condensing boiler requires. The newer condensing boiler has a smaller tank with a diaphragm that connects to the pipe that is connecting the water supply to the burner.

Many people made the switch to these units because they are money saving devices (see this article: Compare Combi Boilers Prices & Costs 2020)  Some folks changed because the government offered a savings or rebate when people switched. There are some people that switched to these devices because they are smaller and they require much less space than the older versions were. ‘

There are still others that liked the fact that these units do not have the tendency to freeze during the colder months like the older versions did. This means that there is no reason for them to have to drain their tanks in the coldest part of the year.

What Are Condensing Boilers?